MYRTLE BEACH, SC (CR News) — this pen and ink is an iconic, digital painting inside the gates at Ocean Lakes Family Campground. It’s part of the “After Midnight” series of sketches and paintings of off-the-beaten path places in the Palmetto State. Prints and greeting cards are available in the online store here at Reach One.

About Us

TRAVELS … we travel the holy highway (Isa 35:8) in search of “shrines, wines, and interesting people.” Along the way, we stop, look, talk, and reflect. And yes, we create folk art too — and we share it digitally with the world.

STORIES … like so many other folks out in the country, we love to tell stories. They’re “almost true,” and they come with important life lessons.

DIGITAL FOLK ART … it’s available here in our online store. You can purchase it securely, and download prints and greeting cards. Of course, you’ll need to print those files, and unless you have the equipment at home, we recommend that you take them to an office supply store or print shop for a good, finished product.

What We Do

We create good media! We don’t divide people or pit people against each other. The underlying message of everything we do is LOVE (see John 3:16).

Caricatures! Folk art! And “porch stories” too! We’re creating them so that we can share good news with our friends!

God loves you, folks. He doesn’t want you to simply “tolerate” each other. He wants you to love one another.

We’re not yet perfect, but we’re working on this, and we’re encouraging all of our friends to do it too!

Vivat Jesus!

The Online Store

If you’re here with us one the Reach One website, take a few minutes to visit our online store. We try to keep our latest sketches and paintings there. If you’ve been to any of these places, you might want to purchase a print (you can download the file after you pay for it — and take it to an office supply place to have it printed).

You’ll find some of our latest folk art projects in the online store. Many are downloadable as prints and greeting cards.

Sister Sites

Visit our “sister sites” online too please:

  • Bible Study Cartoons — fun life lessons from the Bible using caricatures and stories. Learn what’s really in the Bible.
  • Palmetto Places — true stories (or almost true stories) to entertain and entice readers to get off the interstate highways and enjoy a ride in the country.

Don’t forget to visit our other websites where we publish folk art and porch stories.

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Use the CONTACT page to connect with us at any time. We’re here to answer your questions and help you with your digital media needs.

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