About Us

TRAVELS … we travel the holy highway (Isa 35:8) in search of “shrines, wines, and interesting people.” Along the way, we stop, look, talk, and reflect. And yes, we create folk art too — and we share it digitally with the world.

STORIES … like so many other folks out in the country, we love to tell stories. Most of them are “almost true,” and all of them come with important life lessons.

DIGITAL CARICATURES … caricature art is at the heart of who we are and what we do. We currently have two sites built around caricature art and stories.

What We Do

We create good media! We don’t divide people or pit people against each other. The underlying message of everything we do is LOVE (see John 3:16).

Caricatures! Folk art! And “porch stories” too! We’re creating them so that we can share good news with our friends!

God loves you, folks. He doesn’t want you to simply “tolerate” each other. He wants you to love one another.

We’re not yet perfect, but we’re working on it. And we’re encouraging our friends to work on it too!

Good works do matter!

Vivat Jesus!

Recent Caricatures

These two guys (Hollie and Michael) are customer service “rock stars”!!! We met them recently at the Ocean Lakes Family Campground on the South Strand near Surfside Beach. They stopped by to help us with a little problem.

Fast! Polite! Efficient! On the ball! They knew their stuff and got the job done literally in a few minutes. (It would have taken us a half-day or more just going back to Lowe’s or Home Depot for more parts or yet “another tool.”)

We could not resist doing a couple of caricatures of these two “characters”! People like these guys are what gives Ocean Lakes such a great reputation. It doesn’t matter if you have a house there or a camper!

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