We’re a faith-based media ministry. At Reach One, we use media to share the Good News with the world.


Media today is under great scrutiny. We’ve all heard “fake news” and “lame stream media” and other descriptions that suggest some of the negative trends in media today. We’ve also heard about privacy nightmares associated with social media. The list of negatives is nearly endless, but there are some good things to be said also.

Today’s media enables ordinary people with normal incomes to communicate with others on a global scale. Everyday people can produce internet “radio” programs (podcasts), TV documentaries and episodes (YouTube, etc.), and even publish their own books and magazines (Amazon, etc.). In spite of all the negatives, it’s never been easier to publish good news for the world to digest.

That’s what Reach One is all about.


We invite you to review this website and visit our other websites to learn more about who we are and what we do. And we encourage all of our Christian brothers and sisters to get involved with media to share the good Word with the world too.