We’re reaching the world, one soul at a time (Matt 24:14).


When it comes to reaching people with the Gospel, there are two things you can’t afford to miss. If you want to reach people:

  1. You must take Gospel where the people are. Don’t expect people to come to you for the Gospel. It rarely works that way.
  2. You must pray about it. Prayer is your secret weapon. Prayer works!


While the tips and techniques we share with others will work anywhere, our focus is on the workplace. The workplace is the most fertile ground for evangelism available to the church today!

In America, most people spend most of their time in work-related activities. That includes preparing for work and commuting back and forth, as well as being at their desk or work station, of course. Because the workplace is where most people are each day, that’s where we have to go with the Gospel.


Prayer and work are the keys to effective evangelism in modern society. As the old saying goes,

“Before you talk to the person about Jesus, talk to Jesus about the person.”

Pray for and about your workplace … your co-workers … your customers … your vendors … and anything else that impacts the work you do. Then go to work expecting God to be there too. Be the best worker and teammate you can be. When you pray and work, you’re going to be amazed at what God will do in your presence!


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