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Message! Media! Results! Making an eternal difference with technology!

We’re telling the story to the whole world with mobile web technology and rich media! We’re also working with parishes, churches and Christian ministries to help communicate “The Message” too!


Your message matters. But the way you say it matters too!

Email boxes are full of spam. Social media users “scroll” mindlessly through a glut of updates. As a result, most of the time, your message is but one of thousands (or millions) of messages that is competing for the attention of others.

If you want the world to get it, you have to attract attention immediately and hold it long enough.


The whole world has cell phone technology. Much of the world also has Internet. Never in the history of the world has it been possible for more people to produce short videos, animations, and other rich technologies that reach the four corners of our globe. Now is the time to tell the story to a world in need of God’s love and grace!


We assist parishes, churches and ministries in the use of technology for mobile missions. We also produce products for use with the mobile web, Internet, and cellular technologies for global missions and local outreach.

We also use rich technology and mobile-optimized technology with popping graphics, kinetic typology (animated text), short video, and other rich resources to capture attention!

But the key is still the message. If the message isn’t compelling, the “eye candy” doesn’t count! Good communication still matters, and we are very good at writing and editing! So we write, and we edit! That’s important — you have to get the message right!

Below are some of our core services:

  • Copywriting, script writing and story boarding
  • Animation (graphics and typography)
  • Live, streaming and on-demand video
  • Podcasts and Internet radio
  • MP3 and CD production
  • ePublications
  • Mobile and web apps
  • Global missions with SMS (text) and rich media (mobile missions)
  • Online learning


We want to help you connect the world with the Gospel and reach your community with your message. Use the Contact Form below to contact us with your questions and comments.



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