Divine Life Matters

The divine life is the goal. We cannot be Jesus, of course, but the way we live should result in an increase in Him and a decrease in us (Jn 3:30). His life is in us when self submits!

A Great Message

The greatest message you'll ever share is "LOVE" (Gal 5:23)! Wherever you go, carry love with you. You won't have to look long or go far to find someone in need of care and love. Pray for them. Love them. And be available to serve them whenever you can. While many reject "preachy-ness," most are …

Media Matters

The Bible says that a good eye lets in light, while a bad eye keeps you in darkness. In other words, what you see impacts who you are (Mt 6:22-23). Believers must be like the watchmen of old (Ez 33:3). We must be prepared to stand guard and warn our people when we see danger. It's …


"Forgive and forget," they say. "Let's start with forgiving," I reply. "Can we just learn to love each other?" we both think, neither daring to say that to the other. Do you want to forgive? Do you wish you could forget? Learn to listen. Listening is the fertile soil for a harvest of everything else …

Silent Wisdom

Noise is not a sign of wisdom, nor does louder mean smarter. To the contrary, in stillness, we hear; in silence, we learn; and in wisdom, we apply knowledge. Wisdom is knowledge driven by love.