Millwood Farm Store


Downloadable, digital file of a folk art print of the historical Millwood Farm Store.



This beautiful, folk art image of the historical Millwood Farm Store is immediately downloadable and printable as an 8.5×11 digital painting. It is suitable for framing and hanging in your home or office.

After downloading, we recommend that you take the digital file to an office supply store or print shop where they should be able to print it for you professionally. Many places can print it while you wait, though we are cannot guarantee that all stores can do that.


The historical Millwood Farm Store is located on Hwy 178 between Orangeburg and North (yes, folks … there really is a place in South Carolina named North) in a community known as the Limestone Community.

Old timers tell us it was built in the early 1920’s. It was next door to a small cotton gin. The store sold farm supplies, groceries, gas, and cooked food to tenant farmers and other members there in the Limestone Community.

These days, the Millwood Farm Store still stands, but it is now a private residence.


The message is simple but powerful. “It’s getting late!” God’s people work hand-in-hand with his angels for the glory of God. Even when it is our time to take our rest, God’s angels continue the spiritual battle through prayer and praise of God!

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