The Prayer@Work! card is exactly what the name implies. It is a Reach One Card that giver uses to pray for someone in their place of work and to encourage that person. It also enables the giver to complement a person for the work they do, to thank them, and even to communicate that someone else recognizes the importance of the work they do.


Some examples of how the Prayer@Work! cards might be used:

  • Restaurant — leave a card for your service provider along with a gracious tip.
  • Hotel — leave one for the cleaning staff along with a gracious tip.
  • Retail Store — leave a card with a checkout clerk, especially if you witnessed a customer in front of you being rude to that store clerk.
  • Your Workplace — leave a card for a co-worker who has helped you. Use discretion, however. Don’t antagonize a person you know it will offend. Always be graceful sharing these cards.
  • Other — leave a card almost any place you might encounter a person at work. Do it face-to-face or anonymously, as the circumstances dictate.


Don’t make this complicated. You don’t have to preach when you reach out to someone with the Gospel. The Gospel is not about theology — it’s about love. Just share the card.

It’s not even necessary to be there when the person actually sees the card and reads it. Leave the card and let the Holy Spirit do the hard work. But be sure always to pray!!!


Below is a side-by-side picture of a Prayer@Work! card. This is the Catholic edition, but the card is also available in a more generic, non-denominational Christian edition too.