211 Cards


That’s a number everyone in need of assistance needs to know. It’s also a number that every volunteer in a food pantry should know too!


So why is this number so important?

When a person dials 2-1-1 or goes to their state 2-1-1 web site, they will be put in touch with almost every kind of helping resource they might need.

And a food pantry volunteer can be the source of help simply by knowing “2-1-1” because almost everyone who needs food support is likely to have other problems too.


Of course, 2-1-1 can’t solve everybody’s problems, but it can (and does) connect people with groups and agencies that can help solve problems. What matters is making the connection in a timely manner! That’s where the food pantry volunteer comes into the picture.

A person can access 2-1-1 either by telephone or online, and the communications with 2-1-1 are always confidential too!

THE 2-1-1 CARD …

We created the 2-1-1 Card especially for food banks and food pantries located in a local church or ministry. Our vision was that food pantry volunteers would put one of these cards into every person’s food bags (or boxes). Not only do people in need get food, but they also get information that helps them access support to address other problems too.

And the 2-1-1 Card also invites the person getting food to connect with the church for prayer, encouragement, and spiritual support too.


Below is an example of a 2-1-1 Card. This card links to the 2-1-1 service in South Carolina, but there is a 2-1-1 service in all 50 states. Cards are available for each state.

In Christ!