Behind The Curtain

There’s a lot going on behind the curtain at Reach One.

First, of course, behind the curtain, we’re having a lot of fun! The “we” is Beth and Frank.


It’s hard not to enjoy drawing cartoons that make people smile, especially when you learn (years later) that many of these people still have those cartoons on refrigerators or on bulletin boards in their offices.

And we get to meet lots of really nice people and enjoy smiles and stories with them too. They give us permission to look them right in the eye (some would say, into their souls — but that’s a great exaggeration) and study them closely to uncover a few simple elements that might make them familiar to others.

And we get to draw. Oh, yeah … we already said that. But there’s more.


It really is a challenge to “find the identity” in another person. Yet that’s what’s really at the heart of caricature art.

“Who is that person in the cartoon?”

For many years (actually decades), Beth and Frank (the people behind the curtain here at Reach One) have worked in the field of career development. We’ve helped people with career problems and assisted them in starting or re-starting their careers. And for much of that time, we’ve had the distinct privilege of training tens of thousands of career advisors in how to help others navigate the murky waters of career issues and decisions.

So what does any of that have to do with caricature? Well … nothing really! But everything!!!


Identity matters! When choosing a career, you either do what you are, or you risk becoming what you’re doing. It’s that simple. “DO … Be .. “

With caricature, the message becomes simple:

“Don’t let your life become a caricature of the real person that you are.”


The more exaggeration a person lets into his or her life through “happenstance and circumstance” (John Krumboltz), the less that person’s “career caricature” looks like who they really are. A person could probably write a book on that subject, but we won’t. We’ll let it be.

That thought (career caricature) is at the heart of much of the caricature work we do for others. There’s a message in it that we think is pretty important!