Making Him known to the world through media!


So what do we do? To understand the answer, you need to know an ancient, Greek word. This word comes into our language as “charism.” The word charism means gift. What we do is built on this statement: “We use our spiritual gifts from God.”


Why? What’s the purpose of our gifts from God? To what end do we use those gifts?

We do it so that God might be known. To glorify God is to make Him known. And we believe that, for most people, when they really get to know God, they will want to be with Him. God is good, and He is love. Who doesn’t want goodness and love in their lives?


This is a two-step process. First, we must live Christ ourselves. Our lives should be centered on love. And we must discipline ourselves through prayer, fasting, giving to the poor, and staying connected to the Word of God.

The second step is communicating. We have to communicate God’s love to the world. We live in a time when that should be easy. We have social media. Each one of us can own and operate our own TV station (social media channels) or radio station (podcasts and similar technologies). In addition, we can publish our own books (Kindle, etc.). And of course, we can create our own newspapers or magazines (websites and blogs). But it’s not as easy as it sounds.

We must be consistent. Once in awhile does not develop and audience for you. And if you have no audience, your content falls on deaf ears. So you have to do what you do regularly and consistently.

The dropdown menu at the top of this page helps give an example of the many possibilities and opportunities for you to use modern technology and media to glorify God. The audiences range from bikers to Catholics to people in need of jobs (job search, career changes, etc.) The secret is, get busy doing whatever God is calling you to do.


If any of this sounds interesting or familiar to you, maybe you should think about the next step in your life.

  • AUDIENCE | GROUP … think about a group of people you might want to reach — bikers, business people, students, seniors, etc.
  • THEME … consider a theme — a central message you will build your message around.
  • EQUIP | EQUIPMENT … understand what God has equipped you to do. For example, some people are comfortable writing, while others want to do audio work or camera work or something else. Build your media platform around that (YouTube channel, podcast, blog, etc.).
  • START … and then, get started. Give yourself permission to be an “amateur” at first. You might even do some stupid stuff (things that are goofy) at first. You will make mistakes, for sure. Don’t worry about that, though you should always strive to not hurt anyone with your mistakes. Learn from your mistakes and get better.


God will do the rest. Don’t wait until your perfect or you’ll never get anything done. It’s more important to “get started” than it is to “get perfect.”

Oh, yeah … send us a message at any time with your questions or comments. You can yse the CONTACT page here on the website.

We’re praying for you!