Caricature is cool. That’s because, when it is good, it is very good. And even when it’s bad, it still has lots of benefits.


We love caricature. Even before we ever realized it we were drawing caricatures almost daily. In school. At work. At family gatherings. During special events. And pretty much any time we had a pencil in hand and a piece of paper in need of being filled.

Over the years, we have come to understand that there are lots of other folks in the world around us who are not so different. They have different styles, for sure, but when the dust settles, they are hopelessly amused at what comes out of their minds, through their hands onto paper — or digital media. They are caricaturists too!


We like to use caricature art to teach some basic, but very important life lessons. We teach about identity.

Who you are goes a long way to determine what you will do — or won’t do — with your life. You either do what you are or you become what you’re doing. In other words, if you’re not careful, you can become a caricature of the real person God intended you to be.


Does the cartoon look like the subject (real person) or not? Some say, “Yes!” Others say, “No! Not at all.” And who is correct?

When exaggerating the features of a subject in a caricature cartoon, the identity can be lost to anyone with a different perspective from the caricaturist. To put it differently, when we draw caricatures: “We win some, and we lose some.” That’s the way it goes, especially when drawing live caricatures as an audience watches.

No problem!


Anyway, if you see something here that you like or find interesting, shoot us a message. Yes, we do visit at events or churches or senior citizen centers and other places like that, from time to time. But no, we are not actively looking for “gigs” and “caricature events.” But send us a message anyway, or get to know us online in social media.

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