Hunger Ministry

“Wiping out hunger — completely and forever!


Yes, that’s what we said. We intend to eradicate hunger! Some people say that what we’re trying to do is not possible, but we know better. We’re unswayed by their negativity.

We understand that if we should fail to eradicate hunger everywhere in the world, we can still eliminate it in one person’s life. We might even wipe out hunger in a whole household or across an entire community!

We tell our partners, “Even if you don’t know how to wipe out hunger, believe that it’s possible and the journey has already begun. Then add to your faith a simple plan that makes sense and actually works, and you’re almost there!”

Before we reveal the simple plan, we want you to know about an important concept that is supported by a lot of data.

There’s enough food on our planet that nobody should have to be hungry. “Lack of food” is not the cause of hunger. Something else is causing hunger!


If we’re right (that there’s enough food on planet Earth for everyone), then the solution to hunger is not “more food.” We believe there’s actually a hidden problem and secret solution right in front of our eyes. Here it is:

The solution to hunger is continuous access to food.

Continuous access! Yes, of course!


We call our plan to wipe out hunger the “Continous Access Plan.”  The best way to eliminate hunger is to ensure that people have continuous access to the abundant supply of food that already exists in the world today. For most people, continuous access to food translates as jobs, work, and employment.

We’ve chosen to implement the “Continous Access Plan” in America’s food pantries because that’s where hunger has traditionally met with compassion. We’re partnering with food banks and food pantries to make the “Continous Access Plan” a basic part of the hunger support mission.


The “Continuous Access Plan” incorporates three (3) important keys:

  • KEY #1:  Hungry people need food.
    Food distribution ought to continue as long as hunger exists.
  • KEY #2:  Work is the most direct route to continuous access.
    Jobs and work can mean different things to different people with varying backgrounds and situations. Solutions must be personalized.
  • KEY #3:  Food pantry volunteers are not employment specialists.
    Their job is to distribute food. So any solution that includes work or employment must be undertaken by somebody else.

Reach One stands in the gap on behalf of food pantries to help ensure clients have a real pathway to jobs, work, and employment.

  • We provide free “Continuous Access Tickets” to food pantries.
  • Volunteers give “tickets” to clients when they give them food.
  • Clients use “tickets” to ready themselves for work.


Our special expertise is in jobs, work, employment, and careers. In addition, we have worked in various hunger ministries for more than 20 years. We have served as food pantry volunteers, and we have even operated food pantries and employment programs.

We know the “next steps” a hungry person must take to find a job. We have helped many clients over the years cross the bridge from hunger to work — from need to continuous access.


We partner with food pantries.

Through this partnership and our “Continuous Access Ticket” program, we provide the basic assistance a hungry person needs to gain continuous access to food for themselves and their families.


The journey may not always be quick, but the process really does work! We’re making this special plan available to food pantries freely so they can share it with their clients. Volunteers don’t need additional training or expertise to help a hungry person begin the journey to continuous access to food.

The “Continuous Access Plan” is special for two reasons:

  • It’s simple!
  • It’s effective (it works)!


The “Continous Access Plan” helps hungry people gain lifetime access to food. It is free for food pantries to use.

The “Continous Access Plan” is built on four important pillars:

  • There is enough food in the world for all people.
  • The starting line for continuous access is the “ABC’s of work.
  • There are three (3) questions to answer when searching for work.
  • Assistance is available in the community. We’ll tell you where to find it.

Armed with “tickets” for hungry people, the local food pantry is not just a place to get food. It’s also a source of encouragement and hope.


Do you work at a food bank or food pantry? Would you like more information on helping hungry people in your community gain continuous access to food? Use the CONTACT form on our website to get in touch with us.

You give out the food. We’ll donate the “tickets.”

Together, let’s help others on the path to a promising, new life. Let’s wipe out hunger!

In Christ!