Workplace Emphasis

The workplace was important to Jesus and to His Apostles. That’s a powerful reason for the workplace to be important to us too.


  • The 12 men that Jesus called to be His disciples all came from the workplace. None were what we might call “clerics” or “religious.”
  • Sacred Tradition holds that Jesus Himself was a craftsman, having learned the trade of carpentry from St. Joseph. It is likely that He worked most of his adult life in that trade until, at about the age of 30, He was baptized by John the Baptist and entered into His ministry.
  • Of the “public appearances” by Jesus that were recorded in Scripture, over than 120 happened in a workplace setting.
  • In the Book of Acts alone, there were 40 documented “divine appearances” (intercessions or interventions), 39 of which took place in a workplace.

[NOTE: We did not compile these statistics ourselves. Over the years, we’ve attended many conferences and heard a lot of speakers talk about the marketplace and workplace ministry. The statistics above come from those encounters but it is impossible for us now to give proper credit or attribution to whoever originated them.]


The Bible tells us that St. Paul was a “tentmaker” (he worked bi-vocationally in ministry and was in the workplace most days to earn his own keep in ministry). Most believers see him as the Great Evangelist, the one who took the Gospel to the Gentiles and spread it around the known world at that time. St. Paul’s personal emphasis on being in the workplace is further evidence of the important role that the workplace plays in “Gospel to the Whole World” efforts.


The special niche of Reach One in Media and the Gospel efforts focuses on reaching people in the workplace. We do this because that’s where most people spend most of their time each day. And we do it because the New Testament places such a great emphasis on ministry in the workplace.

Consider how you might incorporate prayer, charity (love), and service in your life in a way that impacts others for the Kingdom of God in the workplace.

In Christ!