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We’re all about jobs and work! We approach ministry with an understanding that work is a key part of the solution to many everyday problems.


We have a working God. In six days, God created the world (Ex 20:11). And being people made in His image and likeness (Gn 1:27), work is an important part of who we are.


Most people spend most of their time each day in work-related activities. It’s been estimated that we spend as much as 70 percent (or more) of each day preparing for work, going to work, working, coming home from work, and thinking about work at home. Because work is so central to most people’s lives, it raises a key point about how we should share the Gospel:

“If we hope for the Gospel to go to the whole world, we must include workplace evangelism in our strategy because that’s where most people spend most of their time.”


When an employer pays a person to work, that employer wants (NEEDS) employees to spend their time working. Any strategy the Church adopts to share the Gospel in the workplace must take that point into consideration.

For this reason, a strategy to evangelize the workplace must communicate what we call “Prayer@ Work!” Prayer@Work incorporates three simple steps that enhance productivity while reaching the workplace with the love of Jesus. If you can remember “P-L-S” (pronounced PLEASE), you can remember the three steps which appear below:

  1. PRAY — for your place of work and your employers, co-workers, customers, and vendors. Pray for anyone else associated with you too, such as stockholders or stakeholders.
  2. LOVE — the people God puts in front of you or sends your way. Of course, be professional, but the point here is to really care about who they are, what their problems are, and what they want or need.
  3. SERVE — them. Go beyond the minimum requirements. Provide world-class service like Jesus did when He washed the feet of His disciples (Jn 13:1-17). Serve your employer, your co-workers, and your customers. And consider how you might serve vendors and others not directly related to the business exchange activities.


The Bible reveals a God who is a trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). Because of the nature of God, those things in His creation that function as “three-in-one” often work amazingly well. The Gospel Triangle (Pray, Love, Serve) is like that.

The Gospel Triangle has the potential to change a workplace because, not only does it incorporate team building and customer service qualities, but it also brings God into the workplace and models the very character of Jesus for others to witness for themselves.

Best of all, as we try to mobilize believers to take the Gospel into the workplace when they learn about the Gospel Triangle, they almost always say:



That’s who we are. We’re a small group of faithful believers committed to incorporating the use of media to accomplish the goal of sharing the Gospel with the whole world. Our special niche is in communicating about how the Gospel connects to our workplace, wherever that is. When we share the Gospel with others, we are inviting the peace of God into their lives.

Peace be unto you!

In Christ!