The Pillow Guy

He’ll put you to sleep. It’s guaranteed by Mike himself!


Mike Lindell. He’s the pillow guy.

Mike has made a career of helping people sleep — and he guarantees the best products. How could anyone push back against a promise like that? So we’re including him in our caricatures of generally recognizable public faces.


“Quick Draw” is not always easy. The truth be known, we can spend 30-45 minutes figuring out some of the faces in our “caricature illustrations.” We try for “reflections” rather than “exaggerations” when we draw those caricature illustrations. And they’re best done in a studio environment where we can experiment, and even, start over again if needed.

But this one of Mike, we did the whole thing in less than three minutes, including the color (that’s really fast for us because we don’t specialize in “quick draw”). We focused on just a few, key features with gentle exaggeration for humor!

Enjoy and be blessed.


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