The Vision


We created the “Reach One Bag” based on two principles:

  • Principle #1: “Prayer” — those in need of food are also in need of prayer. While hunger is a physical problem, it is first and foremost a spiritual problem. We must pray for those we encounter and encourage them to pray for themselves, their families, and their own situations.
  • Principle #2: “Work” — food is essential, but it’s not the solution to hunger. For someone to be secure that they will have food in the future, they must work (unless incapacitated by a disability). Work (service to others) is the long-term solution to hunger.


“Prayer@Work!” was born from these two principles. Everything starts with prayer. We can wipe out hunger when we put prayer and work together as a strategy in the life of a hurting or vulnerable person. Of course, we have to be prepared to provide whatever other assistance we can render to get them over the hump (as people often say on the streets).

The “Reach One Bag” includes food, prayer, and connection (to work, support, resources, and opportunity) information.

Just reach for the bag and reach it out the window to reach one for Jesus!