All Around Us


Here’s a thought. What if everything you were thinking about that beggar was actually correct?

  • What if that person really is a crackhead?
  • What if she really is a wino?
  • What if he really will take whatever you give him immediately to get a hit of crack, some pot, or a bottle of cheap wine?
  • What if they got high or drunk again less than an hour after encountering you?
  • And what if half the other people around you in the crowds each day are crackheads and winos on their way to destruction too?

What is that to you? Why do you have to withhold blessings God has given you because they are sinners? It makes no sense!


It’s not your job to be the “donation police.” It’s not your responsibility to ensure that your donation goes to a holy purpose either. That’s between that other person and God. 

Your job is to PRAY (for them). Your job is to LOVE (charity). And your job is to SERVE (good work that blesses)!


So why do we worry about such things? Where do those thoughts come from? What’s driving us to look in the other direction when we come to a beggar on the street? Surely, it’s not Jesus Christ. After all, He’s the One who identifies personally with those in greatest need around us (Matt 25:35).

More than likely, the source of our concern comes from the one who is known as the Accuser (Rev 12:10) in the Bible. Don’t listen to him!


A key part of our mission at Reach One has been to establish a simple strategy to make it easy for faithful believers to help people in need (especially hungry people). We also want to make it easy for believers to help them make important connections to a new path for their lives.

We call our strategy the “Reach One Bag.”


We’re not the first people to come up with the idea of packing a small bag of goodies to give away to a homeless or hungry person. But the “Reach One Bag” is unique.

Not only does the “Reach One Bag” provide basic food and comfort items, but it also includes important information that helps a person in need connect with prayer and life-changing opportunities.

Remember, when you see that hungry person on the street …

“Just reach for the bag and reach it out the window to reach one for Jesus!”