In His Image

Caricature really tells the story, and we just love doing it!


The story behind caricature is the story of you and God. We’re all made in His image and likeness for His purpose (Gen 1:27). Your life’s story is like a three-act play:

  • ACT I — “Finding Your Identity”
    (Who are you?)
  • ACT II — “Finding Your Way”
    (Where are you going? What’s your purpose for living?)
  • ACT III — “Living the Adventure”
    (How will you get there? What’s going to happen on the way?)

It sounds simple enough, but it’s not. The Bible also introduces us to an adversary. His name is Satan, and he is the great deceiver (Rev 12:9). Satan lies and cheats to prevent us from going in the right direction. His real aim is to stop us from experiencing a great adventure with God.


To know how Satan works, we need to understand the storyline that God writes.  It goes something like this:

God calls. We respond.
Life happens!


There’s nothing Satan can do to stop God from calling, so Satan attacks us instead. He lies to us about who we are, hoping we won’t recognize when God calls our name.

While most of us know we’re children of God, not understanding our individual identity puts us at risk of becoming a “caricature” of the person God actually created. That’s not good, of course, but there is some good news!


The Bible also tells us that God has a secret identity for each of us. It’s a name that’s known only to us and to Him (Rev 2:17). Satan doesn’t know that secret name, so he can’t distort it. The name written on a white stone and known only to God and us is nothing less the truth God has written on each of our hearts.

Discovering who we really are is like finding the secret, white stone. And when we have it, we can respond to vocation (God’s call on our lives). It’s all part of that “three-act play.” God wants to have a wonderful adventure with us!


Now back to caricature. If the caricature artist does well, the audience sees the true identity in the midst of the many distortions. But if the caricature artist goes too far, the subject’s identity is lost forever.

At Reach One, we use caricature to help people learn to hear God’s call and respond to it. Caricature can be helpful when a person is attempting to discern their life’s vocation (call from God). An important key is always that first step. Knowing who we are in Christ makes it possible to recognize when God calls out to us.


In His Image is caricature with a special message:

“Be who you really are
and you’ll do
what you were meant
to do.
“Do something else
and you’ll be
a mere caricature
of the real you.”

It’s your choice. Whether you’re thinking about getting married, discerning a religious vocation, or considering a career change, first reflect prayerfully on who you really are in Christ.


By the way, keep your eyes open for us. We travel a lot and attend conferences and other events too. You never know where we’ll show up with a pencil and paper — and an important message for you!

In Christ!