Prayer Economics

The largest mission field in America today is the workplace!


And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the world as a witness to all nations, and then the end will come. (Matt 24:14)

If you want to take the Gospel to the world, you have to go to where the people are. And the simple truth is, most people in North America spend most of their time each week in work-related activities. This includes preparing for work, commuting, and working.


The workplace affords local churches and parishes the greatest opportunity for sending missionaries out from their walls and launching new apostolates. That’s because the people who go forth from your local church or parish are already established with the people in those places where you want the Gospel to go.


So how do you prepare workplace ministers and apostolates to serve in the local community? It’s relatively simple. You establish a Prayer Economy.

Prayer Economics is the infusion of faith and prayer into a local economy. It includes four simple steps. We’ll introduce them below and elaborate on them in our blog (Contemplations) over time. 


As the old saying goes, before you talk to a man about Jesus, talk to Jesus about the man.

Pray about your work and your work place. Pray for everyone who enters your workplace regardless whether they are co-workers, customer, vendors, or strangers.

Talk to God and take time to listen to Him. Don’t be surprised if He doesn’t decide to teach you something new as you step out in faith and obedience.


When you’re “all prayed up,” it’s time to CARE about the people God brings your way. There are a couple of assumptions in this step.

  • In God’s Kingdom, there are no accidents.
  • God is never surprised.
  • Anything that happens, He has either ordained or permitted for His divine purpose.

Take time to listen to the people around you. Avoid interrupting. Respond appropriately.

Offer to pray for their needs. Though it’s not unheard of, it’s pretty rare for a person in need to turn down prayer for them or for a family member — even if they’re not really believers themselves.


Help those people God puts around you. Be a good team player. Besides being good for business, it pleases God when He sees two or three of you working together as one team.

Yes, you must do your job first. Nobody would argue that point. But there’s often time to help others around you who are struggling without disrupting your own productivity. Help others with no expectation that they will return the favor.

Do it for the glory of God.


No, you’re not in the workplace to “sell God” to others.

That’s why we put speaking to people around you about God last on the list. In fact, if the Holy Spirit doesn’t open the door for you to easily talk about your faith, don’t even try to do it. Just keep praying. Keep loving. And keep serving. When your time to speak comes, the Holy Spirit will give you the words, just as He gave them to Moses.

Always set a good example. Become what a Godly person in the workplace should be like.

Use your actions to preach God’s love (be a living Gospel among your co-workers and customers). Allow God to create circumstances and open doors at the right time for your next steps. And remember:

Jesus is the reason. It’s all about Jesus!


Almost any person of faith can learn Prayer Economics. It’s just four simple steps. We can all perform them, and you’ll get better over time as you practice.

Prayer Economics works because prayer works.