Become Indispensable

Don’t try to be important …

Instead, make yourself indispensable. Pray for others. Love them. Serve them. And speak peace to them with the Good News of Jesus Christ. That’s a lot better than being important!





Victory and Defeat

Many people worry whether they’ll win or lose …

But what really matters is what we do with our victories and defeats! Sanctify your life. Make your work holy. Pray at all times about all things.


— Webster


The Economy of Prayer

Prayer is your responsibility …

The economic life brings contrasting interests together into a single place and time. Since they’re often founded on different purposes, the varying interests can be opposed to each other. When this happens, there is the potential for conflict. While negotiation is society’s tool for conflict resolution, prayer remains God’s secret weapon. When faithful people pray at work, they bring peace to their workplace. Respect others. Pray about your work and your workplace. Do it daily!




Consistency is the secret to success …

Do something good and do it often. It will soon become a habit — one that you’re actually quite proud of!