Serve Others

They say that good writing has very little to do with writing well and more to do with re-writing. Don’t be too quick to settle for doing good. Strive to do better and use that attitude to serve others!

Make a Mistake

Make a mistake today …

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. The only people who don’t make them are people who don’t get anything done. Besides, if you learn from your mistakes, you’ll be wiser. And if you give them to the Lord, He’ll forgive them. But a word of warning — be creative. Don’t keep making the same mistakes over and over. Pray today.



Become Indispensable

Don’t try to be important …

Instead, make yourself indispensable. Pray for others. Love them. Serve them. And speak peace to them with the Good News of Jesus Christ. That’s a lot better than being important!





Now and Forever

Be happy right now …

In eternity, there are no yesterdays or tomorrows. It’s always now. Now is the only time you’ll ever have to … be … do … love … serve … and live. Pray and be happy. Do it now!






Don’t resist God …

Know who you are, then become that person. In life, you’ll either do what you are or you’ll become what you’re doing. The secret to doing is actually being. And the real secret to being is praying. Become the amazing person God intended you to be. Pray today!


— Webster


The Eternal Dream

Dream a dream that lasts forever …

Life is a short dream that becomes eternal through God’s amazing grace. Make your life last forever. Pray and then dream!




A Good Plan

No plan of men ever works the way it was planned …

Plan to be surprised by life. Because stuff happens, make room for God in all your plans. Trust Him and pray. It will turn out okay!