Stories From The Pantry

God wants to be your friend (John 15:15). And He wants us to be friends with each other.

That’s a pretty good reason to care for each other. And it’s a great reason to embrace our Lord’s command to take care of the “least of these” around us.


In “Pantry Stories,” you’ll experience stories from the pantry. They’re real stories about real people either in need of food themselves or feeding their hungry neighbors. We’ve changed a lot of names to protect people’s privacy, but still — the stories tell a greater truth about the important mission of “Wiping Out Hunger” wherever followers of Christ live and work.

We write them for inspiration. We hope they inspire you because we know that, when you’re inspired, you will respond to God’s call (vocation) for your life.


Enjoy! Pray! And connect with us here online.

In Christ!