Monica’s Bicycle

Monica had a serious disability. It was impossible for her to walk without great effort, and she often fell on her face as she stumbled down the uneven streets of “da hood.” Nothing could stop her, however, especially when it meant getting together with her friends at church. In fact, if Monica ever did miss a week, someone was sure to check on her because her absence would have signaled that something was wrong.

This special lady was loved by many! One day, a man from the neighborhood showed up at the little church with a new bicycle for Monica. It was made from parts of other bikes that man was able to collect, and he painted it a shiny blue.

The man apparently had seen Monica fall on her face on the way to church one day, and it reminded him of the Lord did on His way to Golgotha. When he came to church that day, the man asked nothing in return for the bike. Understandably, his gift surprised Monica and all her church friends too.

Because Monica never asked for anything, her struggle went almost unnoticed by those who seemed to know her best. It took a man from “da hood” to see her need. That’s how the Kingdom of God works sometimes. We don’t notice unless we’re inspired to do so. So what happened soon after that at the church food pantry shouldn’t have surprised anybody.

Monica was always there to work whenever her church food pantry was open. She helped pack bags and boxes for needy neighbors but she never asked for anything for herself.

One day, one of the other ladies in the food pantry was inspired to notice Monica. She watched Monica while they talked and realized she was not making eye contact. Finally, the lady felt led to ask, “Monica, how’s your family doing? Could they use a little food?”

Monica still did not look up. She just mumbled, “Well, maybe some cereal and juice for my daughter.”

As the food pantry closed that day, a few of Monica’s co-workers put together a small box of “goodies” that fit almost perfectly in the wire basket on the front of her shiny, blue bike. Monica could not quit smiling. She was so excited and so thankful that it brought tears to the eyes of all the other ladies.

After that, they always packed a small box of goodies for Monica to carry home to her family when the food pantry closed. And on rainy days, one of the food pantry volunteers began picking her up for church too.

The ladies learned a lesson from Monica. Not everyone who needs help asks for it. And not everyone who helps others is immune from needing help themselves. Watch what’s going on around you and think about what you’re seeing and hearing. Above all, care enough to ask if you can help.