The heart of our Reach One Missional is both a vision and a meeting place.  It is “The Shed!”   We meet and do our ministry work in a steel, industrial building.  Many might call it a shed.  For us, it is home!  But the vision for all we do is the cross at Calvary.  It’s where our Lord shed His precious blood for us that we might be redeemed and have fellowship with our Father in heaven.  We’re all about The Shed (His blood) in everything we do!

Casting The Net ...

In John 21:6, Jesus tells His disciples where to cast their nets.  They were professional fishermen, and they had been fishing all day.  The fish just weren’t biting!  Many of you understand what that means.  But the disciples understood something else too!  When Jesus said something, He knew what He was talking about!  They did it and caught so many fish, they almost sunk the boat!

Nets have always been important to fishermen.  Today we are still fishers of men, and we have an exciting, new net to use.  It is the Internet!

Worldwide Gospel ...

Matt 24:14 tells us that the Gospel of the Kingdom of God will be preached to the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.  “The whole world!”  That’s what happens when we use the Internet.  In an instant, our message goes out to the whole world.  Maybe the whole world does not receive it, but it goes out to the whole world.

Through cyber church, Internet ministry, and special web-based tools. local churches on street corners can now reach the whole world whenever they want to do it.  Reach One is developing tools as part of our church mission to share with other churches for this purpose.  Together, we will reach the whole world everyday with the Gospel -- and soon, He will return!

A truck driver enjoys church on his smart phone
on a Sunday morning far from home!   Through advanced technology, God makes this possible!

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